Dear John and Avatar

Avatar: Everything played out perfectly for 2&1/2 hours!
(by 'Jacob' Dong-il Shin)

I heard "Dear John" knocked "Avatar" out of first place at the box office last week, and I wondered what is in there. My first impression was, it looked like no more than a mediocre love story.

Instread of rushing to a theater to see things attractive and tearful there, I read a couple of movie reviews and felt it just has very conventional stuffs (autism, cancer, stroke, a couple of deaths of loved ones, a couple of romantic rivals, lots of self-sacrifice, and 9/11) appearing in painful love stories. This movie is about a soldier named John who falls in love during a furlough and has a long-running coorespondence with his beloved once returns to 9/11 duty, and there must be very complicated situations in the romatic relationship. When you want tears jerked in the dark, it must be the one.

I much more like "Avatar" type of movie than "Dear John" and it mostly comes from story. Story-wise, it may have been argued that "Avatar" didn't have original ideas. It is true that blue cat-like aliens look a little different from, but have many things in common in "Dances with Wolves" or "Pocahontas." The story reminds us of somewhere from the video game or streamy-action novels already enjoyed by kids or teenagers. To me, however, the movie story is still interesting, well put together, clean, and everything played out perfectly in two hours or something. I did emerge myself into the story itself. 

Technology-wise, I am not an expert in special effect or movie production, but I dare to say this movie is impeccable! My judgement is from simply because I cannot catch any mistake spoken for in the movie. During a couple of running hours, have I been able to say "hey, look at that!" or "it's weird" somewhere in order to show off my detailed observation to spot something awakward? Cameron created a world of his own, which makes me (and millions of people in the world) truly feel as if we’ve been transported into a new world while watching the film. Isn't it amazing art of communication?

Avatar: a story of love and trust.
(by Susie Subin Shin)

 When I saw the commercial of the movie called ‘Avatar,' I never imagined that the big blue creatures would make people trust and love one another. To my first impression, they just looked strange and it was a fantasy at all. However, I changed my opinions after I watched the movie. It was a story of love and trust.

In the movie, when the earth people tried to attack the avatars' world and steal their resources, they didn’t know what their life would be like. They didn’t care. They didn’t even think about the fact that avatars should move to a new place and start all over again because of the selfishness of people. Horror and terror would last forever in the hearts of Avatars. The only thing that mattered for people was that they needed what they needed, and if there was one and only possible way to carry out, they'd love to do it sooner.

I liked the part where some scientists were learning about being avatars: how to speak their language or how to hunt for food. The more they learn, the better they see their feelings and emotions. Avatars are family men and women; they look happy when they are with their family. They must be the ones to be loved and respected.

Avatars’ world is weak and unprotected. In this real world, also, there are so many people like avatars who are still weak and alone with no one to take care of. Most of the people simply ignore them and avatars types just keep on track with their lives. It is hard to look around when we are so busy with ourselves. We, those who can stand strong and independent should look after them. We should ask about their problems and try to solve the questions. It’s not just about the small volunteering we do at our schools. It is about getting curious and serious about other people. Ask them several questions and get to know each other. Be friends with them. That way, it will keep all people happy.

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