into the baseball games again..

Why I like baseball!
(written by Daniel Hobin Shin)

   At year 2008, when the Beijing Olympic was in full swing , I was turning the channels to find something interesting to watch. For the reason that I liked the game in the Olympics. Then I saw a channel which showed a baseball game played by Korea against Japan. I played baseball before, but I thought baseball was only about simply hitting and throwing the ball. However, as I watched the game, it wasn’t simple at all.

   There were more actions added to it. Like stealing. Stealing was a risk. You can move one base forward or you could be thrown out. As the pitcher throws the ball, you have to run as fast as you can. Otherwise the pitcher will get the ball sooner and call you out of the stealing place. The cool thing about this move is that it’s exciting to watch as they slide to be safe. If you hear the sound safe! you feel awesome. If you get thrown out, however, it does not feel very well. There was also more cool stuff to watch judging from the reactions of the audience; except, I didn’t know what was so exciting about it. I soon became curious about it and started to ask my dad many questions.

   As I learned the game rules, I realized that the game was even more thrilling than it seemed. The batter was always important, yet the pitcher was what attracted me the most. I liked to watch how the pitcher was playing. The moves were kind of strange to me for the pitchers moved all of there body as they moved. Even though they could just use their arms. For another they had many tricks they could play. For instance, a curve ball. It is just like its title. It goes the same as the fastball until it reaches the batter, then the ball drops. The thing that is special about this ball is because a normal fastball just goes straight, a curve ball bends at the time when the pitcher wants it to bend. Even without touching the ball! As a result, the batter often miss the ball. But, as I joined a baseball team and started to play last year, I recognized that the batter’s part was the exhilarating part to play.

   There was nothing that could beat the batter’s part. There was tension when the pitcher is throwing the ball. Everything was fast going, yet the scene seems to go in slow motion. Then the batter swings. There is a scream of delight all around the field, when the bat hits the ball with a sound of crack. When the batter misses the ball, there is a small groan of regretfulness. Still that’s not the best part of baseball. The best part is that you throw away all your tiredness with it. It’s so refreshing when you swing the bat. Another, it really feels good when you swing the bat and get an infield hit or maybe even a home run. You cannot beat that wonderful feeling! That must be the best part of baseball.

   As I played more games, the baseball day became the most joyful moment of my week. Every time I played the game I felt more energy. It made me happier, healthier and stronger. Even if I was often tired in the end of the practice, it was worth being tired. It is like when you do your chores boringly then receive a happy ending by receiving a dime or a quarter for the hard job done.

   Last weekend, I took an outdoor rest and played baseball with my dad. Now it is my hobby to search baseball information in the Internet. It is a little sad if you are not playing baseball with a lot of people though. All I can do is catch ball. Shame.

   I liked batting practice, but I wanted to be better at pitching. It was hard, pitching; the ball didn’t go where I wanted it to go. The more I was nervous on the mound, the more I threw worse then ever. It’s like when I try to do my work better, the efforts often mess up. When I relax, I do better. It is the same as in baseball. By the experience I want to learn more lesson and grow better at relaxing.

You like it. I liked it.
(written by 'Jacob' Dong-il Shin)

Daniel, you are becoming like me, your dad. I liked baseball when I was at your age. I was O.K. hitter, but I think I was an even better pitcher. I often played as an infield player. I still remember that, on a very hot summer (typical Daegu) day, I played all day. I remember myself adjusting my hat, pushing it down on my head, flattening my short hair in a game day. I stepped up to the plate. The opposing pitcher looked at me. I realized that my grip was too tight on the bat. Yes, I was nervous. I relaxed my hands and just tried to put the bat on the ball. That's the most important part for the batter. I swung the bat. Sometimes I was out. Often I made hits. What a wonderful memory in my heart!

You are playing baseball for your enjoyment. I help you practice, and I admit that it is as much for me as it is for you. I mean, I liked baseball, and I am always ready to go back to my favorite memory. It is the loveliest fringe benefit to having son: I sometimes use you as an excuse to do stuff I want to do myself but never wuld have. You have been keen on baseball, basketball, tennis, or running. Fine with me! I became as fascinated with that as you are. I am a dad who loves to play with family members.

In order for you to grow as a fine person, you need to explore your potential and talents. I value the efforts. In the process of your exploration, you cannot imagine how exciting it is that I find common interests I can peg to my kids. There has been always somethings like music, iPOD, science museum, running (Susie), or books, reading, writing workshops, baseball, basketball, tennis (Daniel). You like it, and I like it. That's the way I try to remain a family man. Thank you, Daniel. You take me to another dimension of my free-time family activity. I feel more connected to you.  

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